How to Get Diamond in Royale High 2021 Latest

How to Get Diamond in Royale High – You know you will need enough diamonds to dress your character in the latest outfits if you play Royale High a lot. It can take some time to get them, so in this game, we are searching for the fastest way to get diamonds. Here’s how.

How to Get Diamond in Royale High

Find the Locations Diamonds in Royale High

It is the spawning point for diamonds and also the color:

Common-1 Diamond: Look for them on the roof, flag, and tower in the school building.

Magenta & Yellow-5 Diamonds: Check them at the highest diving board in the pool

Green-10 Diamonds: In the Art Room (behind the window), in the forest tower (behind the spawn), and also in the mermaid cave (behind the waterfall and pool), look for the green spikes.

Red – 20 Diamonds: On campus (near the fire in the office of the principal), in the art room (behind the window), in the forest (behind the seedlings in the tent), and also in the light house (above) behind the classroom on the island making cake.

Diamond in Royale High – Level UP

You will get 300 diamonds every time you level up,

Diamonds in Royale High – Royale Ball

You can get a reward of 500 diamonds if you win the Royale Ball (there are always 2 winners).

Dancing on the Ball

On the ball, if you dance with other players and you complete the level, you will receive diamonds:

  • Level 1: 10 diamonds
  • Level 2: 20 diamonds
  • Level 3: 30 diamonds
  • Level 4: 40 diamonds
  • Level 5: 50 diamonds
  • Level 6: 60 diamonds
  • Level 7: 70 diamonds
  • Level 8: 80 diamonds
  • Level 9 : 90 diamonds
  • Level 10: 100 diamonds

It’s not easy, you need to click the arrow according to the timing, but there are 550 diamonds waiting for you if you complete the 10 levels.

Diamond Farming Method

You can purchase diamond multipliers, log in regularly, sleep to level up, and collect diamonds through the art studio to get diamonds quickly at Royale Big.

Buy a Diamond Multiplier

Unfortunately, using Robux to buy a diamond multiplier is one of the easiest ways to really speed up your set of diamonds! You’ll find options for Double x2 and Quadruple x4 Diamonds when you go shopping at the Gamepass Store. For 749, multiple options can be bought and 1,649 quadruple options can be bought for. If you buy both, they will stack up and give you x6 diamonds every time you level and collect diamonds around the map. This will be one of the best ways to help you win diamonds very quickly at Royale High!

Login Every Day

One of the simplest and freeest ways to get diamonds quickly is to log in to the game every day. You get more diamonds every day when you log in for up to ten days in a row. You can get a total of 12,000 diamonds if you can log in every 10 days in a row! Even, since they don’t work with the diamond login, you don’t have to have the diamond multipliers to get max value from these.

Sleep & Level Up

Another reasonably easy way of winning diamonds is sleeping and leveling up. You are able to progressively lose the strength of your character while in the game. You can check for it on your mobile phone under the Project menu. In your home, sleeping in bed brings back energy. Each time you get more energy, you’ll gain experience towards your level. You’re going to level up if you can recover 160% of your sleep ability. Once you have the x6 multiplier, you can win 300 diamonds or 1,800 diamonds by leveling up! So make sure you sleep to recover energy and level your character as much as possible to get free diamonds while you play!

These are all the strategies we know today for getting diamonds at Royale High. If you have any better ideas for having diamonds, let us know in the comments and we will look at them and maybe include them in this post.

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