Redecor Codes 2021

Redecor is a simulation game for home design where players have the privilege of becoming an interior designer with many home decor types, items and other similar stuff that complement your skills in home design. And we have prepared a list of Redecor-working Redecor codes that in-game players use to get various items to ensure that your home design process doesn’t get stuck due to a lack of decor items.

Redecor Codes

We have the current list of exchange codes for Redecor and we invite the community of Redecor to ping us in the comments below with the new code so that we can refresh our earliest list and support thousands of players for Redecor.

Promo Codes for Redecor

Here is a list of Redecor exchange codes that function. Redeem the code when you see it, otherwise it will expire. Please leave a comment if you notice the code has expired, so we can update our list. We require your support.

  • BNR8-3FNT
  • AL4G-8DAX
  • U8GC-7AMG
  • P9T8-Y274
  • NR2P-RP6L

Expired Codes

  • J67Q-MNQL
  • 28CM-PHGU

Method to Redeem Codes

  1. Open the game.
  2. Go to the Challenges page.
  3. Scroll down and click Redeem.
  4. Enter the code and get the prize.


  • Daily Design Challenge lets you style a photo-realistic space with a variety of design styles
  • Express yourself with an incredible variety of upscale options
  • Relax and learn about different styles of interior design.
  • Choose a design and be part of an inspiring community

Where to find the code

A good place to find new code is on the Reddit Redecor page. Facebook Redecor can also be followed to get the latest updates. Now and then, there’ll be competitions and prizes. If you want to save time by bookmarking our website, we’ll update the new code as quickly as possible. Or you can bookmark this page and our blog. When a new version comes out, we will update the code list.

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