Windows Spotlight Quiz Today

Windows Spotlight Quiz: A quiz function provided by Microsoft, the best computer development company in the world, has recently been the source of much discussion. Windows Spotlight Quiz is the feature name provided by Microsoft. This is a unique and best option to provide good education to society.

So, today I will tell you about Microsoft features in this article. Windows Spotlight is an auto-rotate image lock screen designed to enhance its experience with Windows 10.

Windows spotlight quiz

You must have seen that many applications are coming, due to which you can enhance your mobile computer lock screen. It gives you a good feeling. Slowly, many Microsoft devices are rapidly using this feature. People give good feedback on this, so it applies to all their products. Microsoft is a very large development company that has been around for years. This company makes more computer operating systems. Gradually, over time, it produced all its own products.

What is Windows Spotlight Quiz?

Do you know what Windows Spotlight Quiz is ?. We will discuss it with you in this post. Windows Spotlight is a quiz and home screen feature provided by the Microsoft developer company that many people love.

Several features are provided for learning new things such as quizzes and challenges. The image is automatically taken on the lock screen of your device and rotates too. Whatever images are used in them, they all come from Bing Photos and change automatically within 24 hours.

You have found this to be the funny medium through which you get entertainment, besides that you can learn something too. The questions change every 24 hours and according to your needs, the questions come to you, which you can answer. In this case, you get a lot of questions, which you can answer very easily and you can put your skills to the test.

Play the Windows Spotlight Quiz

If you’re also interested in playing the window spotlight quiz, there are two ways to do it. Number 1: just click on the windows 10 lock screen question and unlock your PC. Now the quiz page opens automatically in the Microsoft Edge browser. It doesn’t matter your default browser is for windows 10. Number 2: Just open any browser and visit now, type Windows Spotlight Quiz Well you can begin playing your favorite Windows 10 quiz. So, let’s start the process of playing the quiz.

How to Play the Windows Spotlight Quiz by guessing the answer

  1. Visit from any browser.
  2. Now in the search bar, type “Windows Spotlight Quiz”
  3. Now you will see several questions, maybe 3 questions in one quiz
  4. These questions are objective, and you must choose one answer
  5. If your answer is correct you will be notified and it also shows how many people answered correctly on this question, such as 62% got it right.
  6. After playing all 3 questions you will be redirected to your results page where you can check your score and share this quiz with others.

Play this amazing quiz and challenge your friends too to find out their knowledge about the world. If you love to travel and want to explore new things every day, then take this window highlights quiz. It is very helpful to increase your knowledge about new places in the world and your history.

Sample Questions on the Windows Spotlight Quiz

Here we will show some sample questions about Window Spotlight Quizz so that you can know the type of quizzes and you can also prepare answers to answer their questions and can get good grades in the quiz.

  1. Which country is Loch Assynt located in?
  2. What are hoofs?
  3. Where you’ll find Banff
  4. What is this bear called in Spain? (You will get a bear image to guess)
  5. Why does grass cover the roof?
  6. Can you identify this breed (will show you a horse drawing)?
  7. The La Mancha Plateau is the place to be
  8. Guess what these rocks are called
  9. Can you identify this bird (will show you a bird image)?
  10. Where is Punta del Este?

There are some questions from the Windows Spotlight quizzes page. If you find this question interesting and want to play a quiz, hurry to visit the Windows Spotlight quiz page here. I hope you like this article and you can get a valuable experience when playing Windows Spotlight Quiz

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